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 livre technique sur la marche athlé en anglais

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un bouquin en anglais pour améliorer sa technique:

description "amazon"

Product Description

Elite race walkers move with a fluidity and grace that are the envy of
anyone who has tried the low-impact, yet high-intensity sport of race
walking. Capable of traveling in excess of 10 miles per hour, they zip
along with rhythmic synchronicity as their arms, legs, and hips drive
them forward efficiently, utilizing 95 percent of their muscles. Do you
want to walk with similar grace? With a dearth of knowledgeable coaches
and clinicians across the U.S., many race walkers looking to improve
their technique turn to the Internet, books, or DVDs for guidance. While
these resources are helpful, they mainly focus on what to do right and
what you may be doing wrong. What is missing is remediation; they do not
focus on how to correct your improper technique. It’s easy to say “use
your hips more,” but most race walkers do not understand how to
accomplish this.

America’s premier team of clinicians Jeff
Salvage and Tim Seaman’s Race Walk Clinic — in a Book beautifully
illustrates textbook techniques while it catalogs typical mistakes race
walkers make that can rob them of a legal race and speed. It explains
why these problems exist and prescribes critical solutions to correct
them. If you are ready to improve your race walking style and step up to
the next level, then pick up Race Walk Clinic - in a Book today.

book was specifically optimized for the Kindle.

About the Author

Former international competitor Jeff Salvage is an award winning
educator and nationally recognized coach who combines his instructional
expertise with his passion for race walking. Salvage tirelessly promotes
race walking as a writer, photographer, and webmaster. Founder of, creator of the Race Walk Like a Champion book and DVD
set, and the “go to” photographer for America’s best race walkers,
Salvage combines all his skills in Race Walk Clinic — in a Book.
Tim Seaman is America’s most dominate active race walker. A two-time
Olympian and a 43-time National Champion, he’s not finished yet.
Recording the fastest American time in an Olympic Games, Seaman is also a
12 x U.S. record holder. Giving back to race walking is equally
important to Seaman. He has dedicated his time to helping the next
generation of race walkers. Seaman’s work with the South Texas Walking
Club and other elite race walkers has produced many budding superstars.
Seaman encompasses his wealth of knowledge as a coach and athlete in
Race Walk Clinic — in a Book.
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livre technique sur la marche athlé en anglais
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